Struck by two major disasters: Hurricane Hugo in September 1989 and the volcanic natural disaster in July 1995

Hospital relocation

Since 1996 Glendon Hospital was relocated to a temporary base in St John’s School, this is because the island was struck by two major disasters: Hurricane Hugo in September 1989 and the volcanic natural disaster which started in July 1995. To date this is still case.

The picture shows the hospital in December 1996 covered by volcanic ash.

It is the aim of the ‘Helping Hands for Glendon’ charity to bring awareness of the needs of Glendon Hospital. It is our mission to contribute to the health and well-being for the people on island of Montserrat who are in need of medical assistance, this is by helping to enhance and improve the existing service making it more self-sufficient.

Temporary use of school as the hospital

A temporary Hospital has been established at St John’s School from April 1996 and is still being used.

essential equipment we need for the hospital

The essential equipment that ‘Helping Hands for Glendon’ are trying to raise money for are shown in this section of the web site. We also need funds to train and develop staff so that they can offer the highest level of professional care to patients.

our charity team

Learn about the team that runs Helping Hands for Glendon here.
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Read comments from our supporters and be inspired at what they are doing.

Donate now and help Glendon Hospital

If you would like to donate please see our bank account details on the Island of Montserrat:

Bank of Montserrat –
Account Number for Helping Hands for Glendon Inc is:

Accounts are audited by:
Allen Thomas Associates Inc.

Chartered Accountants:
Sweeneys Montserrat West Indies
Tel: 664 491 6539
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