It is our mission to create a hospital for the well-being and health of people on the island of Montserrat.

Dear fellow Montserratians and Friends,

Welcome to our website. We the committee of ‘Helping Hands for Glendon’ are making a global appeal to all to help our island to achieve its maximum potential. This is by raising funds for the necessary equipment that the hospital needs. Hopefully with all your help, by the time we have obtained all the necessary equipment we would have a purpose built hospital to place them in. 

It is imperative to remind you that without your support the organisation would not exist. We believe in transparency, therefore we have opened a bank account for all proceeds to be paid into. The amount in the account can be monitored on our ‘Go Fund Me’ page, and we will also keep you updated via our Instagram account. 

We hope you find our website informative as we are committed in our service to Montserrat.

Yours passionately, dedicated to Montserrat

Helping Hands for Glendon 

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